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Vivaldi - Opera Arias  Music

Posted by Bibixy at June 22, 2012
Vivaldi - Opera Arias

Vivaldi - Opera Arias (Roberta Invernizzi)
1 CD | Glossa | 2012 | 70:14 | RAR | 95Mb
MP3 192 Kbps | Lame encoded | Tracks, Covers

A new recording from Roberta Invernizzi always betokens pleasure, but the rare occasion when the Italian soprano is placed in the spotlight – as with this new collection of opera arias by Antonio Vivaldi – promises something very special indeed.
The programme offers a set of contrasts in known arias from Vivaldi’s operatic music and those which deserve to be better-known (and which surely will).
Modo Antiquo (cond. by Federico M. Sardelli) - Vivaldi: Opera Overtures (2010)

Modo Antiquo (cond. by Federico M. Sardelli) - Vivaldi: Opera Overtures (2010)
FLAC tracks+cue+log+scans | 01:07:14 | 373 MB (+3%)
Classical (Baroque) | Label: Brilliant Classics 94030

A unique program of the complete overtures of all Vivaldi's operas. Performances on period instruments by Modo Antiquo, conducted by Federico Maria Sardelli, one of the foremost specialists in this field, who is also recording for full price labels such as Naïve and Deutsche Grammophon.

Vivaldi - Opera & Oratorio Arias - Magdalena Kozena  Music

Posted by pitiuso at July 2, 2009
Vivaldi - Opera & Oratorio Arias - Magdalena Kozena

Vivaldi - Opera & Oratorio Arias - Magdalena Kozena
Opera Arias | FLAC+CUE | EAC Rip, no Log | front cover | 364 MB | Rapidshare
Label: Archiv Produktion | Release Date: 8 June, 2009
Vivaldi - Virtuoso Cantatas; Heroes: opera arias (Philippe Jaroussky)

Vivaldi - Virtuoso Cantatas; Heroes: opera arias (Philippe Jaroussky)
Classical | EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | Covers | 2cd, 580.36 MB

Philippe Jaroussky (born 13 February 1978 in Maisons-Laffitte, France)[1] is a French sopranist countertenor. He began his musical career with the violin, winning an award at the Versailles conservatory and then took up the piano before turning to singing. He is noted for a virtuosic coloratura technique and for compelling and enlivened interpretations of baroque cantatas and operas…

Antonio Vivaldi: Ottone in villa  Music

Posted by First Amendment at Nov. 29, 2010
Antonio Vivaldi: Ottone in villa

Antonio Vivaldi: Ottone in villa (Il Giardino Armonico)
EAC Rip | Tracks | FLAC+LOG+CUE | Full Booklet & Covers | RAR 670 MB
Classical | 2010 | 2 CDs | Naive | Playing Time: 2h14'

Ottone in villa is the second recording of a Vivaldi opera this year, and the first full opera recording ever done by leading Baroque music specialist Il Giardino Armonico and its music director Giovanni Antonini. They are joined by a cast including confirmed performers and rising stars such as Julia Lezhneva and Topi Lehtipuu. Ottone in Villa is the earliest opera by Vivaldi, and this is the world premiere of a complete recording of the work.

Vivaldi - Orlando Furioso (C.Scimone)  Music

Posted by ArlegZ at Nov. 1, 2010
Vivaldi - Orlando Furioso (C.Scimone)

Vivaldi - Orlando Furioso (C.Scimone)
Classical | EAC | APE, CUE, LOG | Scans | 693,13 MB
I Solisti Veneti, C.Scimone, M.Horn, V.De Los Angeles, L.Valentini-Terrani, C.Gonzales, L.Kosma | Released: 2002 | Label: Warner Music France

This recording is noteworthy since back in 1978 it had become a precursor to the great Vivaldi Opera revival, including the phenomenal production of the same "Orlando Furioso" by San Francisco opera again with Marilyn Horn roughly 10 years later.
Due to this recording under the baton of Claudio Scimone being a pioneer, stepping on the rediscovered terra incognita of Vivaldi opera, the musical director had to resolve many problems, such as dramatic "reduction" of the text, which originally would accommodate for 5-6 hours of on-stage action; available voices and ornamentation of da capo arias, improvisation of cadenzas, and realization of appoggiaturas.
Vivaldi - Catone in Utica, RV 705; Rosmira Fedele, RV 731 (Re-Up)

Vivaldi - Catone in Utica, RV 705; Rosmira Fedele, RV 731
Classical/Opera | EAC Rip; APE, IMG+CUE, LOG, Complete Artwork (jpg) | Label: Dynamic Italy
Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Ensemble Matheus - Vivaldi: Orlando furioso [2004]

Vivaldi - Orlando furioso (Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Jennifer Larmore, Philippe Jaroussky) [2004]
Classical | Naïve OP30393 | TT: 182:34 | EAC (flac, cue, log) | Covers | 845 Mb

Diving into Vivaldi's Orlando furioso with Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Matheus Ensemble, and a shockingly good cast is enough to make even the most jaded listener smile. It is fresh, unrelentingly impressive, and entertaining to a fault. The opera is over-plotted: the first paragraph of the synopsis is enough to confuse anyone not taking notes. And listening to the entire thing would amount to more flowery, athletic vocalism than most can stand in one sitting. But those with the remotest interest in Vivaldi opera, or opera at all, will be hard pressed not to marvel at the quality of what's recorded here. Spinosi is a brilliant Vivaldian who pulls sweet-toned lyricism and down-and-dirty sawing from his Matheus Ensemble, making the most of the composer's rich orchestration. And the cast pulls one rabbit after another out of its collective hat, tackling Vivaldi's consummately difficult arias with élan.

Vivaldi - Ottone in Villa (Federico Guglielmo)  Music

Posted by ArlegZ at Dec. 22, 2010
Vivaldi - Ottone in Villa (Federico Guglielmo)

Vivaldi - Ottone in Villa, RV729 (Federico Guglielmo)
Baroque/Classical | EAC | APE+CUE+LOG | Scans | 675.15 MB | CD1:72’08; CD2:67’51
Released: September 21, 2010 | Label: Brilliant Classics

This is something of an informal recording made at the oldest standing enclosed theatre in the world (Teatro Olimpico). It sounds like a chamber opera (if such a term exists). Pleasant singing, quaint, not overplayed. One of four modern versions of a relatively popular Vivaldi opera (his first), released on various labels (Bongiovanni, Chandos, Brilliant, Naive). This Brilliant version actually stands out for its instrumental tempo, which is fair compared to the (somewhat hyperactive) Naive and Chandos versions; I'd say it's reminiscent of a well played Four Seasons, moving along steadily. The acoustics are also more balanced here, all of the instruments shine through with the vocals…
Vivaldi - The Masterworks (2007) (40CD Box set) {Brilliant Classics}

Vivaldi - The Masterworks (2007) (40CD Box set)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue, log) | covers | 11105 mb | MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 5438 mb
Classical | Label: Brilliant Classics / 92389

This 40 CD box set complete works of Antonio Vivaldi is one in a series of ten entitled `The Masterworks' issued on the Brilliant Classics label.