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Metallica - Master Of Puppets (2017) {3CD Blackened Recordings Remastered & Expanded Edition BLCKND005R-3 rec 1986}

Metallica - Master Of Puppets (2017) {3CD Blackened Recordings Remastered & Expanded Edition BLCKND005R-3 rec 1986}
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© 1986, 2017 Blackened Recordings | BLCKND005R-3
Metal / Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal

Even though Master of Puppets didn't take as gigantic a leap forward as Ride the Lightning, it was the band's greatest achievement, hailed as a masterpiece by critics far outside heavy metal's core audience. It was also a substantial hit, reaching the Top 30 and selling three million copies despite absolutely nonexistent airplay. Instead of a radical reinvention, Master of Puppets is a refinement of past innovations. In fact, it's possible to compare Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets song for song and note striking similarities between corresponding track positions on each record (although Lightning's closing instrumental has been bumped up to next-to-last in Master's running order). That hint of conservatism is really the only conceivable flaw here.

Metallica - Best Ballads (2CD) (2005)  Music

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Metallica - Best Ballads (2CD) (2005)

Metallica - Best Ballads (2CD) (2005)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 310 mb
Genre: heavy metal, thrash metal

Best Ballads is an unofficial compilation CD for American thrashers Metallica. While the back cover indicates this was released by Halahup/Virgin/BMG, all labels are not associated with Metallica so it is a fake, but sound quality is believed to be sourced from compact discs. This is a different collection from what was allegedly released in Bulgaria or Ukraine.

Metallica - Master of Puppets 1986 (Remastered 2017)  Music

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Metallica - Master of Puppets 1986 (Remastered 2017)

Metallica - Master of Puppets 1986 (Remastered 2017)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) +cue, log, m3u - 387 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 125 MB | 00:54:44
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Trash Metal | Label: Blackened Recordings

Master of Puppets was originally released on March 3rd, 1986, on Elektra Records and went on to become the first Metallica album to be certified Platinum by the RIAA. The album has been certified 6x Platinum in the United States and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. In 2016, the album became the first metal album to be added to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress, an honor granted to works deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

Metallica - Kill 'Em All (1983) [2016, 5CD + DVD]  Music

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Metallica - Kill 'Em All (1983) [2016, 5CD + DVD]

Metallica - Kill 'Em All (1983)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Blackened Recordings, BLCKND003RD-1 | ~ 2100 or 753 Mb | Scans(png) -> 1.95 Gb
DVD5: NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR | Dolby AC3, 2 ch -> 3.93 Gb
Thrash Metal

Metallica's debut album Kill 'Em All has been remastered and will now be available as a deluxe boxset including 4LP/5CD/1DVD and includes a book with 64 pages. New essays, never-before-seen phtos, ticket stubs, tracking sheets and a Metallica patchThe true birth of thrash…

Metallica - One (UK CD5) (1989) **[RE-UP]**  Music

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Metallica - One (UK CD5) (1989) **[RE-UP]**

Metallica - One (UK CD5) (1989)
EAC Rip | FLAC with CUE and log | scans | 125 mb
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 48 mb
Genre: thrash metal, heavy metal, classic rock

One is the 1989 CD single by San Francisco metal combo Metallica. Released by Vertigo/Phonogram in support of the group's fourth album And Justice For All, this was the group's second single for the album. This UK CD5 features two live tracks not on the album.

Metallica - S&M (1999)  Music

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Metallica - S&M (1999)

Metallica - S&M (1999)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
2CD | Universal Music B.V., 546 797-2 | NL | ~ 1004 or 314 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 71 Mb
Thrash Metal

After 1988's …And Justice for All, Metallica pared down its progressive, heavy metal sound. During the '90s, the band's studio releases grew slicker and more produced, resulting in mostly radio-friendly, good ol' boy metal. By the end of the decade, Metallica was established as the pioneer of modern metal, but the band hadn't done anything innovative, arguably, in ten years. In April 1999, the group performed two concerts with the San Francisco Symphony, and the result was S&M, a two-disc collection of the concerts…

Metallica - Garage Inc. (1998)  Music

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Metallica - Garage Inc. (1998)

Metallica - Garage Inc. (1998)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
2CD | Elektra, 62299-2 | USA | ~ 1056 or 323 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 78 Mb
Thrash Metal

For many years, Metallica's 1987 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited was the most sought-after item in their catalog; it was constantly bootlegged in the '90s, and often supplemented by a host of covers Metallica had released on singles and compilations throughout the years. By 1998, the band had understandably grown frustrated with this situation and decided to confront the problem head-on by reissuing all these rarities. Savvy businessmen that they are, they also realized they needed to give hardcore fans who already owned all the covers a reason to purchase the new set – hence, the expansion of the Garage Days EP to the double-disc blowout Garage, Inc…

Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge (1993)  Music

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Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge (1993)

Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge (1993))
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
3CD | Elektra, 61594-2 | ~ 1307 or 418 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 22 Mb
Thrash Metal

Live Shit: Binge & Purge is a live album by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It was the band's first live album and was released in a box set format on November 23, 1993. The initial first pressings contained three CDs or cassette tapes, with songs from concerts in Mexico City on the Nowhere Else to Roam tour…
Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set Remastered) (1987/2017)

Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set Remastered) (1987/2017)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 11:27:57 | 1,53 Gb
Thrash Metal | Label: Blackened Recordings

The 30th anniversary of Metallica’s Master of Puppets came and went last year without much fanfare from the band. Now, the heavy metal giants are finally ready to celebrate their landmark third album with the deluxe boxset it deserves.

The Encyclopaedia Metallica (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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The Encyclopaedia Metallica (Repost)

The Encyclopaedia Metallica by Malcolm Dome, Jerry Ewing
Language: English | 2007 | ISBN: 1842404032 | 300 pages | PDF | 17,2 MB

Compiled from exclusive interviews with the band, this definitive rock reference chronicles all the facts surrounding one of the biggest metal bands to ever take the stage: Metallica.