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Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels (1989) {Warner Bros. 925 900-2}  Music

Posted by ruskaval at Nov. 25, 2016
Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels (1989) {Warner Bros. 925 900-2}

Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels (1989) {Warner Bros. 925 900-2}
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© 1989 Warner Bros. | 925 900-2
Avant-Garde / Experimental / Alternative

Laurie Anderson's third proper studio album, coming over five years after 1984's Mister Heartbreak (1986's Home of the Brave was a film soundtrack), is a near-total departure from anything she had done before or, indeed, anything she did after. The most purely musical of Anderson's albums and the one on which she does the most actual singing (though her trademark deadpan spoken-word passages are still present and accounted for), Strange Angels seems to be Anderson's idea of a straightforward pop album.

Laurie Anderson - Heart of a Dog (2015) {Nonesuch}  Music

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Laurie Anderson - Heart of a Dog (2015) {Nonesuch}

Laurie Anderson - Heart of a Dog (2015) {Nonesuch}
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© 2015 Nonesuch Records / Warner | 7559-79488-8
Avant-Garde / Soundtracks / Experimental / Alternative

It's not at all surprising that Laurie Anderson would make a film dealing with grief and loss, especially as one of her first major projects after the death of her husband Lou Reed. But instead of offering a tribute to her late spouse, Anderson chose to make a film that dealt with another departed loved one: her dog. Her 2015 film, Heart of a Dog, is loosely centered around her experiences with her dog Lolabelle, a rat terrier who was adopted by the artist after being given up by a family going through a divorce.

Laurie Anderson - Heart of a Dog (2015)  Music

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Laurie Anderson - Heart of a Dog (2015)

Laurie Anderson - Heart of a Dog (2015)
Soundtrack | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 01:14:52 | 172 MB
Label: Nonesuch Records

The complete soundtrack recording of Laurie Anderson's newest piece, Heart of a Dog, is available from Nonesuch Records on October 23, 2015. Anderson was recently commissioned by the European TV network Arte to create a feature film—her first in 30 years. Her response was a personal essay entitled Heart of a Dog, a work encompassing joy and heartbreak and remembering and forgetting, at the heart of which is a lament for her late beloved dog Lolabelle.
Laurie Anderson - Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson (1986) [DVD5] (reup)

Laurie Anderson - Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson (1986) [DVD5]
DVD5 -> 4.33 Gb | All Regions | NTSC 4:3 | ~ 91min | Audio: English (Dolby AC3, 2 ch) | ISO Image
© 1990 Reprise / Warner | 5% repair rar
Rock / Experimental Rock / Alternative Rock

While Laurie Anderson's music works well enough on its own terms, her 1986 concert film Home of the Brave (which she directed herself) makes it clear that her work is better served when you can see her performing it. While Anderson isn't exactly playing to the cheap seats most of the time, she's a far more accessible and engaging performer than most folks involved in "performance art" (and watching this film makes it clear that, while music is the core, performance art is indeed what Anderson is doing – the dancing, storytelling, and visual constructs are as much a part of the presentation as the musicians).
Laurie Anderson - Live in New York (2002) [2CD] {Nonesuch} [repost]

Laurie Anderson - Live in New York (2002) [2CD] {Nonesuch}
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© 2002 Nonesuch | 7559-79681-2
Rock / Avant-garde / Experimental

By placing the location and dates, "New York City, September 19-20, 2001," on the stark cover of this concert album, Laurie Anderson evokes the context in which the shows from which it was drawn occurred: They took place less than two weeks after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the city that was one of the principal targets. Anderson is not the sort of artist one would think of immediately as an ideal commentator on those cataclysmic events; hers is a cool, ironic persona, and irony was one of the immediate casualties of the attacks. Her introductory comments do not bode well, as she speaks, in her perpetually becalmed voice, of the "great opportunity" the attacks provide to "live in a completely new world," surely not a sentiment her listeners can have shared, as the sparse applause indicates.
Laurie Anderson - United States Live (1984) [4CD] {Warner} [Repost]

Laurie Anderson - United States Live (1984) [4CD] {Warner}
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© 1991 Warner Bros. | 9 25192 2
Rock / Experimental Rock / Alternative Rock

Once her popularity seemed assured, Warner Bros. felt safe releasing this five-record set (since reissued on four CDs) comprising United States' entire four-and-a-half hours. It's not the first place I'd recommend going to hear Anderson's work, but for those so inclined it's well worth the effort. Although live performances of United States included film segments that ran during some of her monologues, United States is about communication and how we interpret and use language. It's a bit pretentious, a tad long-winded, and its size makes it unwieldy to listen to in one sitting, but this is an important work loaded with enough insight, wit, and humanity to make relistening and re-evaluating worthwhile.

Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Red Dress (promo CD single) (1990)  Music

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Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Red Dress (promo CD single) (1990)

Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Red Dress (promo CD single) (1990)
MP3 @ 192kbps (VBR) | RAR | 14mb
Genre: Avant-garde, experimental

This is a promotional CD single for Anderson's "Beautiful Red Dress", including a video version for those who would like to fit the proper audio on various video tube-type sites.

Laurie Anderson - Homeland (2010) [CD & DVD5] {Nonesuch}  

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Laurie Anderson - Homeland (2010) [CD & DVD5] {Nonesuch}

Laurie Anderson - Homeland (2010) [CD & DVD5] {Nonesuch}
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DVD-5 -> 2.84 Gb | All Regions | NTSC 16:9 | Dolby AC3, 2 ch | 48:46 | ISO Image
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© 2010 Nonesuch Records / Warner | 524055-2
Experimental Rock / Mixed Media / Violin / Spoken Word

'Homeland' is produced by Anderson with Lou Reed and Roma Baran, and engineered by Anderson, Pat Dillett, Mario McNulty, and Marc Urselli. The music is instantly recognizable as Anderson's, though it draws on a broad scope of styles: She sings throughout and plays newly developed sounds on violin, as well as contributing keyboards and percussion. Her vocals are often mediated by the vocal filter she long ago invented to perform her signature "audio drag," this time voicing Fenway Bergamot, the male alter-ego who appears on the album's cover and narrates the song "Another Day in America."

Laurie Anderson - Big Science  Vinyl & HR

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Laurie Anderson - Big Science

Laurie Anderson - Big Science (1982)
Vinyl Rip in 24 Bit-96 kHz | Redbook 16 Bit-44 kHz | FLAC | no cue | no log | Covers | RS Links | 713 MB + 184 MB
1982 / Genre: Art Rock - Experimental / Warner Bros - German pressing

Maybe a little weird music, but "Big Science" remains (for me) a pleasant album to listen!

Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums  Music

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Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

Laurie Anderson - Discography (7 Albums)
MP3 192 Kbps CBR | 497 Mb Total | | Genre: Experimental music | Mixed Media | Experimental Rock | Violin | Vocals

Laurie Anderson is an American experimental performance artist and musician. Anderson - violinist, composer, singer, sculptor, poet, and leader in the use of multimedia in the arts - is renowned as one of the most eclectic and groundbreaking performers in the world. The space agency chose Anderson as its artist in residence for 2003. Musically, she has collaborated with Brian Eno, Lou Reed, and Peter Gabriel. Her two most popular albums are "Strange Angels" and "Big Science."
After briefly entering the mainstream pop radar in 1981 with her lone hit "O Superman," Laurie Anderson enjoyed a public visibility greater than virtually any other avant-garde figure of her era. Her infrequent forays into rock aside, Anderson nevertheless remained firmly grounded within the realm of performance art, her ambitious multimedia projects encompassing not only music but also film, mime, visual projections, dance, and – most importantly – spoken and written language, the cornerstone of all of her work.

The Albums :
1982-Big Science
1984-Mister Heartbreak
1986-Home Of The Brave
1989-Strange Angels
1994-Bright Red
1995-Ugly One with the Jewels and Other Stories
2001-Life on a String

All albums are MP3 @192 Kbps including covers (thumbs) and ID3 tags