Kepware KEPServerEX v4.270.416  Software

Posted by egent006 at Oct. 18, 2007
Kepware KEPServerEX v4.270.416

Kepware KEPServerEX 4.270.416 | 36 MB

Kepware KEPServerEX ver.4.264.401  Software

Posted by teamboy at June 16, 2007
Kepware KEPServerEX ver.4.264.401

Kepware KEPServerEX ver.4.264.401 | 41 MB

KEPServerEX is the latest generation of Kepware's OPC server technology. It was designed to allow you to quickly setup communications to your control systems via a wide range of available "Plug-in" device drivers and components. With over 80 downloadable drivers that support hundreds of model types, getting data to you client is a snap. The KEPServerEX also provides a common and self-evident user interface across all drivers so that you feel at ease every time you use the product no matter what driver you use. You can add many devices utilizing multiple drivers all within the KEPServerEX interface without worrying about learning new communication protocols or spending time understanding new applications.