Ajeet Kaur - Darshan (2015)  Music

Posted by varrock at Oct. 26, 2015
Ajeet Kaur - Darshan (2015)

Ajeet Kaur - Darshan (2015)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 8 | 59:43 min | 136 Mb
Style: New Age | Label: Spirit Voyage Records

Join Ramdesh and sacred chant artist Ajeet Kaur who has a brand new album out called Darshan. You’ll learn all about it and get a chance to know this lovely young musician as she and Ramdesh, who are dear friends, chat about how the album was made. “Ajeet is epic inside and outside, musically and as a person!” Ramdesh confides, “She is at once both sweetly angelic and insanely funny!” Ajeet is a Kundalini yoga teacher who tours both as a soloist and with Snatam Kaur. She’s thrilled to finally be able to share this album with the public. How was it recorded? “The story is so rich,” Ramdesh observes, “and infuses the music with so much special energy.”

Gurutej Kaur: Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity [repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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Gurutej Kaur: Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity [repost]

Gurutej Kaur: Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity
DVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~738 kb/s | 640x480 | Duration: 01:01:36 | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 385 MB
Genre: Yoga, Health

Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity is a dynamic series of 20 powerful exercises to help you experience higher levels of lucidity and awareness in every area of your life. Would you like to be more clear, present and alert in every situation? Fears, wounds and old thought patterns can create energetic blockages that decrease your ability to focus and concentrate. Combining movement, breath and mantras, master teacher Gurutej Kaur guides you through a simple and effective daily practice for dissolving blockages, cultivating mental balance and vitality.

Sirgun Kaur - Dayaal (2014)  Music

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Sirgun Kaur - Dayaal (2014)

Sirgun Kaur - Dayaal (2014)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 7 | 59:21 min | 136 Mb
Style: New Age, World | Label: Spirit Voyage Records

With her enchanting album Dayaal, gifted singer and composer Sirgun Kaur reaches a place of surrender to the beauty of the music she was born to sing. Her lilting and angel-like voice carries this album from the sounds of an independent song-writer to the devotion of a kirtan chantress. Produced by mastermind Thomas Barquee (who produces the albums of Snatam Kaur) whose touch brings layers of orchestral instrumentation that lift Sirgun's music to heavenly heights.

Snatam Kaur - Ras (2011)  Music

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Snatam Kaur - Ras (2011)

Snatam Kaur - Ras (2011)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue+log) | Label: Spirit Voyage (#) CDS-0024278 | Duration: 65:24 | covers | 440 Mb
Genre: New Age, Mantra, Meditative

'Ras' translates as the 'Sublime Essence of God's Name.' On this release, you can feel that sublime essence in every note. Snatam's voice is open and filled with such a deep and abiding heart-centered longing for the divine, it is palpable. Snatam Kaur's voice is artfully blended with Manose's flute, Benji Wertheimer's esraj, Thomas Barquee's keyboard, Simone Selle's guitar and Sat Nam Singh Ramgotra's tabla.
~ spiritvoyage.com

Narinder Kaur - John Wright Photoshoot  Graphics

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Narinder Kaur - John Wright Photoshoot

Narinder Kaur - John Wright Photoshoot
5 jpg | up to 3000*4500 | UHQ | 5.25 Mb
British actress
Chakra Yoga to Strengthen Your Immune System and Increase Vital Energy With Gurutej Kaur

Chakra Yoga to Strengthen Your Immune System and Increase Vital Energy With Gurutej Kaur
2005 | English | DVD-Rip | AVI | 512x368 | XVID 1 152 Kbps 29.970 fps | AC-3 384 Kbps | Total Time: 01:03:00 | (2*251+197.46) 761.39 Mb
Genre: eLearning | ASIN: B0007MHG12 | Gemini Sun Records | Subtitles: No

Master instructor Gurutej Kaur presents a complete program to unleash the lifegiving forces from within. This complete practice for the charkas provides 15 guided exercises that combine movement, breath work, and chant to relax the body and emotions, refresh the lymphatic system, and invigorate the vital organs to elevate immune function.

Snatam Kaur - Divine Birth (2010)  Music

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Snatam Kaur - Divine Birth (2010)

Snatam Kaur - Divine Birth (2010)
EAC-Rip | FLAC-tracks +cue +log +Booklet/Scans | 19 July 2010 | 419 MB
Genre: New Age, Meditation | Label: Spirit Voyage Music | Fserve, Fsonic

Experience the bliss of Divine Birth with these chants and songs. Snatam Kaur is joined by her mother Prabhu Nam Kaur in creating this album as a meditation tool to deepen the blessing and divinity of pregnancy and parenthood. The sacred teachings of the Kundalini Yoga tradition as taught by Yogi Bhajan contain a wealth of technology for tapping into the energy of the universe to manifest beauty and grace in your life. Snatam Kaur with her mother, Prabhu Nam Kaur, recorded these beautiful mantras, shabads and songs to be used during pregnancy as a tool to bring divinity to your child during the precious time in the womb as well as to share with your child after they come into the world. On the first track, Snatam Kaur sings is a beautiful musical version of the shabad Pootaa Mataa Kee Aasees.

Ajeet Kaur - Haseya (2016)  Music

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Ajeet Kaur - Haseya (2016)

Ajeet Kaur - Haseya (2016)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | Tracks: 6 | 52:19 min | 123 Mb
Style: New Age, World | Label: Spirit Voyage Music

Haseya (which means to “rise up” or “she rises”) is deeply integrated with the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of our ancestors and an awakening of healing space, unlike any other music from the wealth of kundalini yoga inspired recordings. With attention towards the emergence of the sacred feminine and indigenous cultures, Haseya is a journey with sound to heal with the earth. Produced by Maneesh de Moor and bringing together musicians such as Trevor Hall, Peia, Vieux Aliou Cissokho of Senegal, Inkayko of Ecuador, John deKadt, Sukhmani Kaur Rayat, Landis, Ram Dass Khalsa and Sarah Siri Kirtan, this music is an invitation to bring peace to our minds, hearts and our world. Ajeet envelops the listener with soulful weavings and powerful arrangements, such as the opening track, “Akaal,” which features Trevor Hall and Praful (bansuri) whose stirring contributions run ever so deep.
"Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Environmentally Sound Pest Management" ed. by Harsimran Kaur Gill and Gaurav Goyal

"Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Environmentally Sound Pest Management" ed. by Harsimran Kaur Gill and Gaurav Goyal
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 953512613X 9535126121 9789535126126 9789535126133 | 198 pages | PDF | 57 MB

The goal of this book is to provide the most up-to-date review on information available around chemical alternatives in pest management (IPM). The book will equip academia and industry with adequate basic concepts and applications of IPM as eco-friendly pest management option.

Medical Foods from Natural Sources by Meera Kaur [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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Medical Foods from Natural Sources by Meera Kaur [Repost]

Medical Foods from Natural Sources by Meera Kaur
English | Nov 11, 2008 | ISBN: 0387793771 | 223 Pages | PDF | 7 MB