Tomatito Rosas Del Amor

Tomatito - Rosas del Amor (1987)  Music

Posted by Conde Luna at Nov. 6, 2007
Tomatito - Rosas del Amor (1987)

Tomatito - Rosas del Amor (1987)
MP3 | 256 Kbps | 63,4 MB - APE | 2 parts / 182,0 MB
Latin / Flamenco | Artwork included

Tomatito - Rosas del Amor  Music

Posted by Eld at Aug. 16, 2006
Tomatito - Rosas del Amor

Tomatito "Rosas del Amor"
MP3 320 kbps | 71.47 MB (or 38.15+33.36 MB)

Armik [2002] - Rosas Del Amor (lossless)  Music

Posted by bossos at June 6, 2007
Armik [2002] - Rosas Del Amor (lossless)

Armik - Rosas Del Amor
Style: Flamenco | Label: Baja | 2002 | FLAC | 419 Mb | mp3 (CBR 320kbps) | 118 Mb | 0:57:32

Armik - Rosas Del Amor (2001)  Music

Posted by bossos at July 30, 2005

Armik - Rosas Del Amor | Release year: 2001 | Mp3 192 Kbps | 83,6 Mb[
Various Artists - Flamenco: Patrimonio de la Humanidad (2011) [4CD BoxSet] {EMI Music Spain}

Various Artists - Flamenco: Patrimonio de la Humanidad (2011) [4CD BoxSet] {EMI Music Spain}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 1.73 Gb | MP3 @320 -> 675 Mb
Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (png) -> 56 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 2011 EMI Music Spain | 0 87048 2 5
Latin / World Music / Flamenco / Guitar

The CD-book ‘Flamenco: Patrimonio de la Humanidad’ journeys through the history of jondo music. In November 2010, UNESCO decided to include flamenco on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural World Heritage, which is the greatest international distinction for any cultural expression. There have been somewhat more than 200 years of history, according to the documented information which is currently held, in which flamenco has continually grown thanks to the creativity of mighty, brilliant, courageous artists who have gone beyond the limits of diverse kinds (territorial, social, political) in order to offer a type of music too beautiful to be ignored.

VA - Best Flamenco In The World Ever (2CD) (2003) [Repost]  Music

Posted by stfine at Nov. 18, 2009
VA - Best Flamenco In The World Ever (2CD) (2003) [Repost]

VA - Best Flamenco In The World Ever (2CD) (2003)
Flamenco | MP3 CBR 192kpbs | tags, playlist | 195 MB

Cubismo - Motivo Cubano (2000)  Music

Posted by Eld at Sept. 20, 2006
Cubismo - Motivo Cubano (2000)
Cubismo - Motivo Cubano (2000)
Genre: Latin
MP3 | 192 kbps | 94.08 MB | 12 tracks | 59 min

Cubismo is a Croatian music band of eleven members playing salsa and latin jazz. The band was founded at the beginning of 1996 by a gathering of eight eminent musicians from various Croatian music bands. They also featured a Venezuelan singer Ricardo Luque.
The name Cubismo was created from Dizzy Gillespie's piece "Cu-bi Cu-bop", which represents one of the first music mixes of jazz and afrocuban music. Their sound is characterized by multiplicity of instruments and expressively strong dance rhythm produced by a multi-member rhythm section. Besides remakes of standard jazz pieces, popular and traditional Cuban songs, they perform their own pieces.

The legendary Cubismo's CD, recorded partly in „Egrem“studio in Havana , and partly in Zagreb. For almost a month, a team of 13 people stayed in Cuba and recorded the album with the members of Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars.
Juan de Marcos Gonzales on tres (the Cuban guitar), vocalists Teresa Garcia and Caturla, Manuel „Puntillita“ Licea and Amadito Valdez on timbales, together with a number of less famous but top-quality Cuban musicians recorded five songs with Cubismo. The remaining material was recorded after returning to Zagreb, with Nelson Hernadez as an arranger and producer.
So far the album has received the record number of nominations for the „Porin“Award (Croatian "Grammy") - 13 nominations. Cubismo was awarded five.

The Yellowjackets - Club Nocturne (1998)  Music

Posted by Eld at Sept. 18, 2006
The Yellowjackets - Club Nocturne (1998)

The Yellowjackets - Club Nocturne (1998)
MP3 | LAME VBR ~224kbps | 10 tracks | 53:57 | 90.95 MB
Smooth Jazz / Crossover Jazz

On their 14th album, Club Nocturne, The Yellowjackets explore nearly every facet of their personality with their most vocal-oriented offering to date. Heavyweight vocalists Kurt Elling, Brenda Russell, and Jonathan Butler guest on several tracks, and the band's ease at crafting suitable sonic auras to support the diverse set of guests is wonderful. With Elling, they concoct a bluesy drag on "Up from New Orleans" as he slurs the lyrics in a faux southern drawl. They shift gears dramatically on the beautifully impressionistic "All Is Quiet," which also features wonderful playing by saxophonist Bob Mintzer and pianist Russell Ferrante. On the wistful "Even the Pain," Butler croons a soulful ballad against a South African-inspired anthem. The ever-poised Brenda Russell graces the melancholy "Love and Paris Rain" with bewitching conviction. But it's in the instrumentals where The Yellowjackets have their finest moments. From the funky "The Evening News," which features drummer Will Kennedy and bassist Jimmy Haslip locking an air-tight groove in classic Mike Clark/Paul Jackson fashion, to the pastoral "Automat," which has Mintzer and Ferrante engaging in some Weather Report inspired telepathy, these are melodically rich compositions with burnished execution. –John Murph

Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (2000)  Music

Posted by Eld at Sept. 18, 2006
Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (2000)

Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (2000)
MP3 | LAME VBR ~228kbps | 9 tracks | 51:25 | 91.56 MB
Jazz-Rock/Soft Rock
Winner of four Grammy Awards, including "Album Of The Year" (2000)

Monty Alexander & Ernest Ranglin - Rocksteady (2004)  Music

Posted by Eld at Sept. 17, 2006
Monty Alexander & Ernest Ranglin - Rocksteady (2004)

Monty Alexander and Ernest Ranglin - Rocksteady (2004)
Jazz/Reggae/Ska | MP3 | 320kbps | 12 tracks | 57:41 mins | 133.01MB or 68.66MB + 65.73MB

Besides being a fascinating experiment in musical cross-pollination, the music on this disc spectacularly succeeds both from the standpoint of pure musical genius and as a demonstration of jazz's ability to turn (somewhat) mundane materials (in this case mainly sixties ska and rocksteady tunes) into pure alchemic gold, in the hands of the right players. And that's the key to the success of this disc: both the principals' bona fides as authentic Jamaican pop icons, each having been an integral and essential part of the explosion of pre-reggae music that eventuated in the full glory of Bob Marley and the Wailers, and their absolute mastery of the jazz idiom. That they could magically meld such disparate music materials into one entirely captivating whole bespeaks both their authenticity as original practitioners of Jamaican pre-reggae pop and as stellar jazz improvisers.
Really, this disc is the best of both worlds: It centers on that mysterious and mesmeric ska/rocksteady beat, all the while magically expanding its boundaries into authentic jazz territory on account of the leaders' brilliant improvisational talents.
Don't miss out on the protean talents of Monty Alexander and Ernest Ranglin, two master of Jamaican music, fully on display here. – J. Dennis "Longboard jazzer"
Очередное произведение щедрого на выдумки и поиски пианиста Монти Александера, которого вообще не понятно к исполнителям какого стиля музыки относить. Известен, например, его альбом импровизаций на темы песен Боба Марли. На этот раз он выбрал в качестве основы музыку середины 60-х — родившуюся на Ямайке музыку ска, предка рэггей. С этой целью он пригласил для записи, надо думать, одного из отцов ска гитариста Эрнеста Ранглина.
Следует признать: музыка эта слушается с большим удовольствием. Не знаю, правда, сколь целиком она покоится в ложе собственно джаза, но джаза в ней достаточно много. Пульсирующий ритм ска создает основу для импровизаций пианиста, гитара же Ранглина работает скорее в рамках ямайской традиции. Наиболее яркая пьеса — “Row Fisherman”, в которой и можно найти квинтэссенцию всего проекта. Среди авторов пьес — большей частью мало известные у нас авторы. И только завершающая альбом “Redemption Song” принадлежит Бобу Марли. – Дмитрий ПОДБЕРЕЗСКИЙ, © 2004 Jazz-Квадрат