Sonokinetic Tutti Vox 16BiT KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at March 20, 2017
Sonokinetic Tutti Vox 16BiT KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Tutti Vox 16BiT KONTAKT | 10.2 Gb

A choir library has been on our to-do list ever since our company was in its infancy and now finally the time has come. This is not just any choir library as this project had to be approached Sonokinetic style, being as playable and flexible as a sampled choir can be whilst sounding completely realistic.

Sonokinetic Capriccio 24BiT KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at March 20, 2017
Sonokinetic Capriccio 24BiT KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Capriccio 24BiT KONTAKT | 33.1 Gb

Capriccio is our biggest Orchestral collection yet, both in terms of physical size and in terms of sound, which is just…BIG! We had conductor Petr Pololanik approach the limits of his Capellen orchestra for these recording sessions, and the resulting energy, drive and power really comes across in each and every sample. Each phrase has been carefully treated from conception through production to implementation in the final instrument, to make sure it would work as a whole, and be as widely usable as possible.

Sonokinetic SteelPan KONTAKT  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Jan. 9, 2017
Sonokinetic SteelPan KONTAKT

Sonokinetic SteelPan KONTAKT | 1.47 Gb

Sonokinetic Steelpan is our take on the Steel Drum or Steelpan popularized by the people of Trinidad and Tobago. A tropical joy emanates from every touch of this beautiful instrument. Steelpans are handcrafted from the wealth of oil barrels that proliferate the Island State. They are a low-tech by-product of big industry and a testament to the creativity of whoever it first was that heard the music in these barrels and started to tune and cultivate them into the musical instrument of today.

Sonokinetic Yiddish KONTAKT  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Sept. 3, 2016
Sonokinetic Yiddish KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Yiddish KONTAKT | 1.14 Gb

Sonokinetic specializes in in-depth musical history heritage exploration since 2008. With “Yiddish” we fulfill our premise to capture part of the Jewish music culture and complement our signature sampling line with this very recognizable musical style. Different from the mystical Sephardic “Voices of Israel” and our cross-over to the Yemenite style, “Yiddish” brings a more Jewish-European oriented style which found its roots in the high-german and Ashkenazi language.

Sonokinetic Minimal 16BiT 24BiT FULL KONTAKT (Repost)  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Jan. 31, 2016
Sonokinetic Minimal 16BiT 24BiT FULL KONTAKT (Repost)

Sonokinetic Minimal 16BiT 24BiT FULL KONTAKT (Repost) | 31.64 Gb

With Minimal, Sonokinetiс BV delivers the fourth instalment in our current range of orchestral instruments. We have listened to our users, and built an entirely new system from the ground up, defining what we think is a revolutionary novel direction in orchestral pattern-based sampling.

Sonokinetic Guzin KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Sept. 10, 2016
Sonokinetic Guzin KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Guzin KONTAKT | 953 Mb

Sonokinetic has come a long way in producing sample libraries of different kinds. One of our unique approaches has always been ethnic performance libraries, vocal as well as instrumental. Güzin is a continuation of that tradition. It is also a revision of sorts.

Sonokinetic Gediz KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Feb. 10, 2016
Sonokinetic Gediz KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Gediz KONTAKT | 590 Mb

Do you wish you had a top class ethnic vocalist at your fingertips? Need fast and easy inspiration for your tracks? At Sonokinetic we pride ourselves on seeking out those talented artists that can lift any composer’s track to greatness. With ‘Gediz’ we’ve done it again and bring you beautiful Turkish vocals from an inspirational male singer who has soaked up the rich musical tradition of his culture since before he could walk.

Sonokinetic Rojin v1.2 KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Feb. 9, 2016
Sonokinetic Rojin v1.2 KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Rojin v1.2 KONTAKT | 891 Mb

We didn’t think we could make this happen and have been working behind the scenes for six months to get it all set up and ready to start producing. So with some excitement we are ready to present to you: “Rojin”.

Sonokinetic H.I.P.P KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Feb. 9, 2016
Sonokinetic H.I.P.P KONTAKT

Sonokinetic H.I.P.P v1.2 KONTAKT | 4.73 Gb

Performance percussion has been around since the dawn of sampling and is one of the most widely used loop-based materials for composers. In August 2010 we got in touch with renowned composer Michael Wandmacher* who had a request for sampled drums that one would think would be available but, upon research showed to be lacking in this particular form. We decided to team up for preproduction and get a content description together for sampled percussion. Basic and single instrument drum patterns are really essential for any scene you’re scoring.

Sonokinetic Maasai KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Feb. 9, 2016
Sonokinetic Maasai KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Maasai KONTAKT | 999 Mb

Sprung from ancient traditions and rituals, music has captured the souls and spirits of millions of people since the dawn of time. These deep roots of the origin of music are found best on the original motherland of the human race.