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Popol Vuh - Nosferatu (1978)  Music

Posted by 01101991 at Aug. 3, 2010
Popol Vuh - Nosferatu (1978)

Popol Vuh - Nosferatu (1978)
EAC | APE Tracks+CUE+LOG | Covers included | 44.1KHz/16-Bit | 343MB
Genre: Rock, Soundtracks | Release year: 1978

Nosferatu is the eleventh album by Popol Vuh and was released as the original motion picture soundtrack of Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht by director Werner Herzog. It was originally released in 1978 on Egg. In 2004 SPV re-released the album with a slightly different tracklist and adding four tracks originally released on the Popol Vuh album Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des Lichts.

Popol Vuh - 5 Albums [3CD] (1970-1981) (Repost)  Music

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Popol Vuh - 5 Albums [3CD] (1970-1981) (Repost)

Popol Vuh - 5 Albums [3CD] (1970-1981)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 1,02 GB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 488 MB | Covers included
Genre: Progressive/Kautrock, Ethnic, Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: High Tide, Celestial Harmonies, SPV Recordings

Florian Fricke was born by Lake Constance in 1944. From 1959 till 1963 he studied music in Munich, where he was a pupil of Rudolph Hindemith (Paul Hindemith's brother). At the age of 25 he became acquainted with the Moog synthsizer which leads him to form his band Popol Vuh. This name and inspiration come from the holy book of Guatemala's Quiche Indians. Historically, Popol Vuh's "Affestunde" (1970) is the first experimental rock release entirely built around the Moog Synthesiser (with the add of percussions to provide a mystical flavour)…

Popol Vuh - Kailash: Pilgrimage To The Throne of God (2015)  Music

Posted by Pisulik at May 31, 2015
Popol Vuh - Kailash: Pilgrimage To The Throne of God (2015)

Popol Vuh - Kailash: Pilgrimage To The Throne of God (2015)
New Age, Piano, Electronic | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 01:31:54 | 211 MB
Label: Soul Jazz Records | Release Year: 2015

‘Kailash’ is a new collection of work from Florian Fricke, leader of Popol Vuh, seminal group in the German rock scene of the 1970s (Can, Faust, Amon Duul, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream) and creators of classic soundtracks to the films of Werner Herzog (‘Aguirre The Wrath Of God’, ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘Fitzcaraldo’, among others). ‘Kailash’ brings together essential and unreleased piano recordings, together with Fricke’s travelogue film ‘Kailash’, about his spiritual voyage to Tibet’s 22,000 foot Kailash mountain, ‘Throne Of The Gods’ and the accompanying soundtrack album to this film.

Popol Vuh - Seligpreisung (1973) [Reissue 2004]  Music

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Popol Vuh - Seligpreisung (1973) [Reissue 2004]

Popol Vuh - Seligpreisung (1973) [Reissue 2004]
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 165 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 80 MB | Covers - 17 MB
Genre: Progressive/Krautrock | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: SPV Recordings (SPV 085-70132 CD)

Popol Vuh's Seligpreisung is another essential work from the band, ushering in the classic middle period for which they are best known. The album represents the reconvening of the band after Fricke had contributed to Gila's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, after which he brought former Amon Duul II drummer turned guitarist Daniel Fischelscher into the fold of his main band. Fischelscher would become Fricke's main collaborator for what is essentially Popol Vuh's most intensely brilliant period, reaching a possible culmination in the subsequent classics Letzte Tage, Letzte Nachte and Einsjager & Siebenjager. In light of those later achievements, Seligpreisung still stands as a solid addition, if slightly more tentative…

Popol Vuh - Einsjager & Siebenjager (1974)  Music

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Popol Vuh - Einsjager & Siebenjager (1974)

Popol Vuh - Einsjager & Siebenjager (1974)
Rock | 1cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
SPV 085-70152 CD | rem: 2004 | 280Mb

Released in 1974, Einsjäger & Siebenjäger (Earth & Sky) is a further rock entrenchment for Popol Vuh. Florian Fricke's piano is more percussively present with its runs and large chord voicings rippling throughout each composition. In addition, Daniel Fichelscher's electric guitar picks up where Conny Veit's left off, taking the bluesy space rock solo style into new territory by incorporating Eastern scales into the main body of his blues phrasing. There are five short compositions on the first side, which merely prepare the listener for the mind-blowing title cut, which takes up the entirety of side two.

Popol Vuh - In Den Garten Pharaos (1972)  Music

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Popol Vuh - In Den Garten Pharaos (1972)

Popol Vuh - In Den Garten Pharaos (1972)
Rock | 1cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
SPV 085-70112 | rem: 2004 | 320Mb

"In Pharaoh's Garden" was the first true work of "sacred music" by Florian Fricke, guiding light of the mythical group Popol Vuh. Consisting of two extended works, his mixture of electronics and church organ with assorted winds and percussives, conjures up visions of the celestial light. Deeply emotional and filled with mysticism, this album marked the dawning of new age music, and still today is a wonder to behold. ~Allmusic

Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra (1973)  Music

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Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra (1973)

Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra (1973)
rock | 1cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
SPV 085-70122 CD | rem: 2004 | 250Mb

Florian Fricke pioneered the use of synthesizers in German rock, but by the time of Hosianna Mantra he had abandoned them (eventually selling his famous Moog to Klaus Schulze). While In den Gärten Pharaos had blended synths with piano and African and Turkish percussion, Hosianna Mantra focuses on organic instrumentation. Conny Veit contributes electric guitar, but other than that, Fricke pulls the plug and builds the album around violin, tamboura, piano, oboe, cembalo, and Veit's 12-string, often with Korean soprano Djong Yun's haunting voice hovering above the arrangements.

The best of Popol Vuh - Werner Herzog Movies  Music

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The best of Popol Vuh - Werner Herzog Movies

The Best of Popol Vuh in Werner Herzog Movies 1993
Soundtrack | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 88,4 Mb

Very nice CD for those who love Werner Herzog movies and Popol Vuh´s music.
Download and enjoy

Popul Vuh - City Raga (1994)  Music

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Popul Vuh - City Raga (1994)

Popul Vuh - City Raga (1994)
New Age | EAC rip (FLAC+CUE+LOG) + MP3 (320K/s) | 365 + 112 MB
Milan | 46:22 | RAR with 5% recovery | full scans

Code III - Planet Of Man (1974) [Reissue 2001]  Music

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Code III - Planet Of Man (1974) [Reissue 2001]

Code III - Planet Of Man (1974) [Reissue 2001]
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 246 MB | Covers (7 MB) included
Genre: Progressive Electronic, Krautrock | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Won-Sin Music (WS 885 635-2)

An exceptional project from Manfred Schunke (vocals, electronic effects) and Klaus Schulze (drums) with Apama Chakravarti (on harmonium, tamboura, vocals), Ed Key (vocals, instruments). The concept is about Man creation and human, technological evolution throw ages. Musically the music alternates vibrant dronescapings, cosmic, electro-acoustic noises, esoteric doom like choirs and weird dreamy folk evocations. Their interlocking sound can be compared in some aspects to Organisation's embryonic electronic approach, Klaus Schulze first efforts in agitated drones and Popol Vuh / Deuter mystical sense of composition. Hermetic but monumental and now cult.