Orlando Riva

Handel - Orlando (Rene Jacobs) [2014]  Music

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Handel - Orlando (Rene Jacobs) [2014]

Handel - Orlando (René Jacobs) [2014]
Classical | Archiv produktion 00289 479 2199 | TT: 77.15+82.47 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 877 Mb

Celebrated Handelian René Jacobs, 'the most exciting opera conductor of the day' (Münchner Merkur), leads the dynamic, exquisitely honed Ghent ensemble and an outstanding cast in one of the composer's most spectacular and ravishingly beautiful creations. The title role, written for the legendary Senesino, is sung by its finest modern exponent, Bejun Mehta, 'one of the most commanding, exhilarating countertenors of the modern era' (New York Times).

Orlando Consort, Perfect Houseplants - Extempore II (2013)  Music

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Orlando Consort, Perfect Houseplants - Extempore II (2013)

Orlando Consort, Perfect Houseplants - Extempore II (2013)
EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 62:47 | 368 MB
Genre: Classical, Sacred, Jazz | Label: Harmonia Mundi | Catalog: HMU907319

Extempore II is the second collaboration between two quartets in widely varying fields: the early music specialist vocal group Orlando Consort and the jazz combo Perfect Houseplants. This project is structured as a mass in honor of St. Michael based around the medieval tune L'homme armé and various members of both groups are responsible for the pieces that make up the whole. The resulting patchwork arrangement of ideas works better in the second half of the program than it does in the first, where the variety of approaches seems a bit disorderly in terms of overall flow.

Vivaldi - Orlando finto pazzo (Alessandro De Marchi) [2004]  Music

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Vivaldi - Orlando finto pazzo (Alessandro De Marchi) [2004]

Vivaldi - Orlando finto pazzo (Alessandro De Marchi) [2004]
Classical | Opus 11 OP30392 | TT: 203.19 | EAC (flac, cue, log) | Covers | 986 Mb

“Orlando finto pazzo ('Orlando feigns madness') was the second of Vivaldi's numerous operas, and his first for the Venetian stage. The story of Orlando's madness is taken not from the usual source, Ariosto's poem Orlando furioso, but Boiardo's earlier Orlando innamorato, a similarly tragicomic mix of love, intrigue and magic. In Ariosto's poem Orlando's madness is real, but here he pretends it for no obvious reason; in fact it's no more than a couple of episodes in a convoluted and unengaging plot built around a lovepentangle (no less), and further complicated by various disguises and rampant dissembling. As it happens, Vivaldi doesn't on this evidence appear to have been a natural musical dramatist. Yet what makes this music worth hearing is his evident desire to make an operatic splash at his first major attempt: there's music of irrepressible zest and personality; this early attempt deploys all the fiery and ebullient energy of his concertos and allies it to vocal music of neck-tingling excitement. Like Haydn, Vivaldi may not have been a great opera composer, but he did write operas full of great music. Alessandro de Marchi's joyous recording brings together a typical Italian Baroque cast for a performance and recording of skill and enthusiasm.” (The Gramophone)

Vivaldi - Orlando furioso (Jean-Christophe Spinosi) [2004]  Music

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Vivaldi - Orlando furioso (Jean-Christophe Spinosi) [2004]

Vivaldi - Orlando furioso (Jean-Christophe Spinosi) [2004]
Classical | Naïve OP30393 | TT: 182:34 | EAC (flac, cue, log) | Covers | 845 Mb

Diving into Vivaldi's Orlando furioso with Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Matheus Ensemble, and a shockingly good cast is enough to make even the most jaded listener smile. It is fresh, unrelentingly impressive, and entertaining to a fault. The opera is over-plotted: the first paragraph of the synopsis is enough to confuse anyone not taking notes. And listening to the entire thing would amount to more flowery, athletic vocalism than most can stand in one sitting. But those with the remotest interest in Vivaldi opera, or opera at all, will be hard pressed not to marvel at the quality of what's recorded here. Spinosi is a brilliant Vivaldian who pulls sweet-toned lyricism and down-and-dirty sawing from his Matheus Ensemble, making the most of the composer's rich orchestration. And the cast pulls one rabbit after another out of its collective hat, tackling Vivaldi's consummately difficult arias with élan.
Handel - Orlando (2013) (Pacific Baroque Orchestra, A. Weimann)

Handel - Orlando (2013) (Pacific Baroque Orchestra, A. Weimann)
Opera | 3cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
ATMA, ACD2 2678 | rec: 2012 | 680Mb

The complete version of Orlando, considered to be one of Handel’s most successful operas, is presented for the first time on a Canadian label. Singing the title role is the English countertenor Owen Willetts, a rising figure on the international scene. He is joined by the American soprano Amanda Forsythe, and several of the finest Canadian singers: Karina Gauvin, Allyson McHardy, and Nathan Berg.
Robert Harre-Jones, Mark Dobell, Orlando Consort - Antoine Busnois: Missa O Crux lignum, Motets & Chansons (2005)

Robert Harre-Jones, Mark Dobell, Orlando Consort - Antoine Busnois: Missa O Crux lignum, Motets & Chansons (2005)
EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 62:31 | 300 MB
Genre: Classical, Sacred | Label: Harmonia Mundi | Catalog: 907333

England's Orlando Consort, a quartet of male singers augmented as needed by other performers, offers performances of Renaissance vocal music that lie midway between the traditional and the highly individualized modern. Sometimes they veer toward one of those two extremes, but often, as on the present disc, they find a happy medium. Their sound, especially in sacred music, owes much to the English cathedral tradition, but there's a well-honed edge to their one-voice-to-a-part interpretations that brings out the crowds who've recently been drawn to early music. This disc is intended as an introduction to a composer who doesn't always offer easy listening to the modern ear. Netherlander Antoine Busnois, active at the end of the fifteenth century and considered the greatest figure between Dufay and Josquin, wrote music that broke free from elaborate medieval numerology but came in advance of Josquin's perfect marriage of music and text.

Orlando Furioso (1990)  Video

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Orlando Furioso (1990)

Orlando Furioso (1990)
DVDrip | MKV H264-1647 | AAC@160 | 720x552 | Audio: Italian | Subs: Italian, German, French, English, Spanish (emb.) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 2h27 | 1.9 Gb
Musique Baroque, Opera | Télérama DVD Collection France 1990 | Director Brian LARGE

Opera in tre atti messa in scena all'Opera di San Francisco nel 1989 con la regia per il video a cura di Brian Large. L'Orchestra dell'Opera di San Francisco è diretta da Randall Behr, mentre Ian Robertson è il maestro del Coro dell'Opera di San Francisco. Tra gli interpreti principali: Marilyn Horne, Susan Patterson, Kathleen Kuhlmann e molti altri. Libretto a cura di Grazio Braccioli

Orlando (1992)  Video

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Orlando (1992)

Orlando (1992)
DVDRip | MKV/AVC x264 ~2416 kbps avg | 1Hr 33Mins | 23.976 fps | 710x466 | 1.87 GB
Audio: English | AC3 2 Ch 384 Kbps | Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance | Director: Sally Potter

Young nobleman Orlando is commanded by Queen Elizabeth I to stay forever young. Miraculously, he does just that. The film follows him as he moves through several centuries of British history, experiencing a variety of lives and relationships along the way, and even changing sex.

V.A. - 40 Jahre Disco, Vol. 2: Dance The Disco (2011) (DVD9)  Music

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V.A. - 40 Jahre Disco, Vol. 2: Dance The Disco (2011) (DVD9)

V.A. - 40 Jahre Disco, Vol. 2: Dance The Disco (2011) (DVD9)
Video: PAL 720x576 (4:3) | Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 | 6.9 Gb | Scans | Time: 137 mins
Genre: Pop, Rock, Disco | Label: Sony Music (Germany) | Cat.№: 88697 82505 9

“40 Jahre Disco, Vol. 2: Dance The Disco” delivers a great selection of live performances from some of the hottest artists on the scene including Lipps, Inc., Amanda Lear, John Paul Young… Needless to say more - these names speak for themselves…

Viva Riva! (2010)  Video

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Viva Riva! (2010)

Viva Riva! (2010)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 16:9 (720x576) | 01:33:49 | 4,61 Gb
Audio: French-Lingala AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English, Dutch, French
Genre: Drama

Riva is an operator, a man with charm and ambition in equal measure. Kinshasa is an inviting place. With petrol in short supply in DRC's capital, he and his sidekick pursue a plot to get hold of a secret cache - barrels of fuel they can sell for a huge profit. Of course they're not the only ones who want the stuff. Cesar is a ruthless, sharply dressed foreigner thriving in Kinshasa's lawless streets. A female military officer joins the fray. Even the church will betray its tenets for a piece of the action….