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Hot Copy Paste 7.5.0 Multilingual  Software

Posted by big1ne at Feb. 14, 2017
Hot Copy Paste 7.5.0 Multilingual

Hot Copy Paste 7.5.0 Multilingual | 5.2 MB

All versions of Windows can cut, copy and paste information such as text and pictures from one program into another. Windows Clipboard stores your information, be it a picture or a section of text from a word processor, in a temporary storage, enabling you to move that snippet of information from one place to another. The problem, however, is that Windows Clipboard can fit only one snippet at a time. If you need to transfer lots of snippets via Windows Clipboard, you'll copy, switch programs, paste, then go back to the original program and copy the next snippet. This is extremely boring and time-consuming. Hot Copy Paste is a highly advanced extension of Windows Clipboard.

Kick-Ass 2 #7 (2012)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at March 21, 2012
Kick-Ass 2 #7 (2012)

Kick-Ass 2 #7 (2012)
English | CBR | 23 Pages | 44.82 MB

Hot - Cold Nr.7 Gennaio - Febbraio - Marzo 2011  Magazines

Posted by MGripi at March 19, 2011
Hot - Cold Nr.7 Gennaio - Febbraio - Marzo 2011

Hot-Cold Nr.7 Gennaio / Febbraio /Marzo 2011
Lang: Ita/Eng | 140 pag | PDF | 124,4 Mb
Rivista internazionale sui sistemi per il comfort ambientale

Kick-Ass #1-7 (Ongoing)  Comics

Posted by WEATHERMAX at Sept. 12, 2009
Kick-Ass #1-7 (Ongoing)

Kick-Ass #1-7 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 7 CBR | Icon (Marvel Comics) | Feb 27, 2008 - Sep 10, 2009 | 148.8 MB Total

is a new comic book series published by the Icon imprint of Marvel Comics. One can surmise a comic book with such a title would do just that--and it does. For one, its creative tandem of writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita, Jr. is a kick-ass team. Rather than create a world like ours, writer Mark Millar has literally set Kick-Ass in our world. Teenagers read Batman and X-Men comics. They play Halo 3 on their Xboxes. They idolize superheroes of all sorts, and when they get mugged walking down the street or shoved in a locker at school, they wonder why there aren't any real heroes protecting the streets. Kick-Ass follows the select few who choose to rectify the situation. Millar makes abundant use of the freedom that comes from Marvel's Icon imprint. Characters curse abundantly, and the overall impression is that this universe is very far removed from the regular Marvel Universe. The blurb for issue #1 says, "The Greatest Superhero Book of all time is finally here!" If for anything else, this is one very entertaining comics series.

DJ Aligator - Kiss My B-Ass (2009)  

Posted by kaparik at Aug. 28, 2009
DJ Aligator - Kiss My B-Ass (2009)

DJ Aligator - Kiss My B-Ass
August, 2009 | Russia | Electro-Dance | MP3 VBR 192 kbps | 96 Mb

Hot Moms N°7  Comics

Posted by Vert at July 14, 2009
Hot Moms N°7

Hot Moms N°7
English | PDF | 22 pages | 21,1 MB

Samolot myśliwsko-szturmowy Su-7 (Typy Broni i Uzbrojenia 54) (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Oleksandr74 at Oct. 19, 2016
Samolot myśliwsko-szturmowy Su-7 (Typy Broni i Uzbrojenia 54) (Repost)

Władysław Stech - Samolot myśliwsko-szturmowy Su-7
Wydawnicstwo Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowey | 1978 | ISBN: N/A | Polish | 20 pages | PDF | 2.97 MB
Typy Broni i Uzbrojenia 54

Camerapixo. Hot Shots - Volume 7, 2015  Magazines

Posted by Karabas91 at Dec. 28, 2015
Camerapixo. Hot Shots - Volume 7, 2015

Camerapixo. Hot Shots - Volume 7, 2015
English | True PDF | 166 pages | 89 MB

Hot Shots - Camerapixo photography magazine. Best Worldwide photographers.

Mask My IP  Software

Posted by big1ne at Dec. 16, 2015
Mask My IP

Mask My IP | 2.2 MB

When you connect to a network, your computer has a unique identification IP-address as your home address, alerting everyone who you are and where you are. When you visit online stores, or send an e-mail, your IP address associated with this activity, and it identifies you personally. Hackers who steal personal data can get into your computer, monitor your activities, to steal your personal information. Mask My IP program will help to solve this problem.

Oh My Star 1.1.7  Software

Posted by Detvora at Sept. 6, 2015
Oh My Star 1.1.7

Oh My Star 1.1.7 | MacOSX | 5 MB

Oh My Star, the best way to organise your Github Stars. Only for OS X. Oh My Star provides a convenient way to manage your starred Github repositories. You can easily use Oh My Star to view, group, organise your GitHub Stars.