UFO logo - Project for After Effects (VideoHive)  Graphics

Posted by angus77 at Nov. 5, 2015
UFO logo - Project for After Effects (VideoHive)

UFO logo - Project for After Effects (VideoHive)
CS4, CS5, CS6, CC | 1920x1080 | AEP | 1 MB

Ufo robot Grendizer (1975) Complete  Comics

Posted by alexandra10 at May 30, 2014
Ufo robot Grendizer (1975) Complete

Ufo robot Grendizer (1975) Complete
Japanese | CBR | 3 Issues | 189 MB

A short manga version of the UFO Robo Grendizer anime. Released along the anime series, UFO Robot Grendizer follows the adventures of Duke Fleed, the prince of Planet Fleed, who, disguised as Daisuke, a farm worker, fights against the forces that destroyed his planet, the Vegan Empire, also the creators of Grendizer that Duke stole to fight them...

Ufo - 2040... Das Inferno Beginnt - Band 2  Comics

Posted by Mendose at July 2, 2013
Ufo - 2040... Das Inferno Beginnt - Band 2

Ufo - 2040… Das Inferno Beginnt - Band 2
German | CBR | 28 pages | 114 MB

UFO Matrix Magazine Issue 01  Magazines

Posted by cheerday at April 13, 2013
UFO Matrix Magazine Issue 01

UFO Matrix Magazine Issue 01
English | 100 Pages | True PDF | 22MB

UFO MATRIX is not just a magazine about UFOs, it is also a magazine about the wider implications of UFO Culture. It examines the history and the mystery of the subject in depth, bringing on board the cream of the world's UFOlogical and Fortean researchers. Editor Jon Downes has been a central figure of British paranormal and Fortean research for several decades, and is one of the best known British researchers and authors in the field. Contributors include veteran researchers such as Nick Redfern, Richard Freeman, Malcolm Robinson, Dr Andrew May and Ronan Coghlan. At last a valid UFOlogical magazine for the 21st Century

UFO Aftermath - DEViANCE (Reup)  Games

Posted by maxthecuba at Aug. 9, 2010
UFO Aftermath - DEViANCE (Reup)

UFO Aftermath - DEViANCE
English | PC Game | Windown | ALTAR Games | Strategy | 1.30 GB

It's May 25, 2004, and Earth is doomed unless up to seven soldiers take action to rid it of scary aliens and mutants through global-resource strategy management and on-the-ground, in-the-action, small-squad tactical combat. Develop your soldiers through the game's role-playing element and execute your directives simultaneously in real-time combat with the option of pausing the game to get your team of soldiers to roam earth's alien- and mutant-infested countries. The sole focus being: to blast the aliens and mutants into another universe.

UFO Extraterrestrials Gold Edition [SKiDROW]  Games

Posted by mr2006 at March 18, 2010
UFO Extraterrestrials Gold Edition [SKiDROW]

UFO Extraterrestrials Gold Edition [SKiDROW]
PC | English | ISO | 1.53 GB | Mar 18, 2010
Genre: Strategy

UFO: Extraterrestrials GOLD is a new GOLD edition which includes a number of changes and improvements giving a player a new look on the classic game: new maps, possibility to hire soldiers, globe UFO swarms and configurability. UFO: Extraterrestrials GOLD represents fiction in which the human race faces a threat from space, aimed to be a spiritual sequel developed by Chaos Concept. The game picks up where the original left off, incorporating a twist of the aliens defeating Earth. The game is set on a newly colonized planet named Esperanza, where the alien threat has just arrived.

UFO - Headstone [Remastered - 2009]  Music

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UFO - Headstone [Remastered - 2009]

UFO - Headstone [Remastered - 2009]
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks) + LOG, CUE + Cover | 397 MB
POP/ROCK | Label:Emd Int'l | Released:2009 | Catalog:9688842 | RS&HF

Digitally remastered and updated edition of this 1983 release from the Hard Rock pioneers. The original Headstone album, released when the band initially split, featured studio tracks from UFO and side projects plus five previously unreleased live cuts. This updated edition takes only those five live recordings from the original album and adds six more scorching performances from that same 'farewell' show, making Headstone a purely live experience. UFO are one of the UK's most prolific and influential rock bands - their musical influence can be seen across a host of modern Metal groups and during the course of nearly four decades they have built up an extremely loyal and dedicated fan base. 11 tracks. EMI.

UFO Hunters S02E22 UFO Surveillance  Video

Posted by mr2006 at May 25, 2009
UFO Hunters S02E22 UFO Surveillance

UFO Hunters S02E22 UFO Surveillance
English | XviD | 23.976fps | 624×352 | 968kbps | MP3 VBR 121kbps | 350MB
Genre : Documentary

The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by nebulae at Jan. 10, 2017
The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation

John Michael Greer, "The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation"
English | ISBN: 0738713198 | 2009 | 264 pages | PDF | 27 MB
Flying Saucers And Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFO's (Repost)

Stanton T. Friedman, "Flying Saucers And Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFO's"
English | ISBN: 1601630115 | 2008 | 320 pages | EPUB | 4 MB