Alexander Ramati - E i violini cessarono di suonare  eBooks & eLearning

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Alexander Ramati - E i violini cessarono di suonare

Alexander Ramati - E i violini cessarono di suonare
Dall'Oglio | 1986 | ISBN: 8877186054 | 280 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Da un episodio storicamente avvenuto. La tragica odissea di Roman Mirga della sua famiglia, della sua gente. L'olocausto di un popolo dimenticato dalla Storia. Siamo in Polonia, nel 1942, durante l'occupazione tedesca. La comunità degli zingari autoctoni è convinta di essere immune dalle leggi razziali emanate dai nazisti, ma non è così. Quando le SS entrano in azione, purtroppo per molti di loro, in primo luogo donne e bambini, non c'è scampo.

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Pour Piano (1996) repost  

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Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Pour Piano (1996) repost

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Pour Piano (1996) repost
Classical/Contemporary | FLAC lossless/2cd | cuesheets+log | covers+booklet | 1h45m24s | 345mb
Label: hat ART | cat. no. CD 2-6196
Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Cathédrale - Giovanna Reitano (2004)

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Cathédrale - Giovanna Reitano (2004)
Classical | EAC: FLAC+Cue+Log | 1 Cd, Covers | 154 Mb
Label: col legno - Date: 2004

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati (27 February, 1919, in Kraków – 3 March, 1994, in Vienna) was a composer and music editor who worked in Kraków, Tel Aviv and Vienna…
Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Pour Piano - Carol Morgan (1996)

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati - Pour Piano - Carol Morgan (1996)
EAC RIP | APE + CUE + LOG | COVER + BOOK | RAR FILES (3% recovery) | 2CD 307 Mb
Classical | hat ART CD 2-6196
Roman Haubenstock-Ramati / GRAPHIC MUSIC: Kreise - Batterie - Décisions -  Alone 1

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati / GRAPHIC MUSIC: Kreise - Batterie - Décisions - Alone 1
Classical - Contemporary | EAC = APE + CUE + LOG | Covers | 235 MB

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati was born on 27 February 1919 in Krakow where he studied musicology and philosophy as well as composition with Artur Malawski and took private lessons with Jósef Koffler in Lemberg.
1947– 1950 head of the music department of the Krakow Radio
1950 – 1956 director of the State Music Library of Tel Aviv and professor at the Music Academy
1957 return to Europe, worked at the Studio de Musique Concrète in Paris where he drew inspiration from Olivier Messiaen. Then worked as editor and music consultant of Universal Edition Vienna; permanent residence in Vienna. Visiting professor in Buenos Aires, Stockholm and at the Yale University.
1973 to 1989 he accepted an appointment to the Wiener Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst as professor of composition. In addition to composition Haubenstock-Ramati focused on the development of new forms of notation and musical graphic.
In 1959 he organised the first exhibition of ‘Musical Graphic’ in Donaueschingen.
In 1981 he was awarded the ‘Grand Austrian State Prize’.
He died on 3 March 1994 in Vienna, a week after the gala concert in honour of his 75th birthday at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Operational Excellence  

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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence: A Concise Guide to Basic Concepts and Their Application
Springer | Business & Management | February 15, 2016 | ISBN-10: 3319206982 | 194 pages | pdf | 2.84 mb

Authors: Issar, Gilad, Navon, Liat Ramati
Serves as a ready reference to the concepts in operational excellence and their application
Written for cross-industry implementation
Compiles the basic operational excellence knowledge produced in academia and consulting so far
Cathy Berberian a Hommage (Walton, Monteverdi, Debussy, Stravinsky, Cage, Gerschwin, Purcell) [1997]

Cathy Berberian a Hommage (Bernasconi, Travis; W. Walton, Cl. Monteverdi, Cl. Debussy,
I. Stravinsky/Стравинский, J. Cage, G. Gerschwin, H. Purcell) [1997]

EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | Covers | 1cd, 315 MB
Classical | Label: Accore / MPO, France | Catalog Number: 205722 | TT: 70’55

Catherine Anahid Berberian (July 4, 1925 – March 6, 1983) was an American soprano and composer. She interpreted contemporary avant-garde music composed, among others, by Luciano Berio, Bruno Maderna, John Cage, Henri Pousseur, Sylvano Bussotti, Darius Milhaud, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, and Igor Stravinsky. She also interpreted works by Claudio Monteverdi, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Kurt Weill, Philipp Zu Eulenburg, arrangements of songs by The Beatles, and folk songs from several countries and cultures. As a composer, she wrote Stripsody (1966), in which she exploits her vocal technique using comic book sounds (onomatopoeia), and Morsicat(h)y (1969), a composition for the keyboard (with the right hand only) based on Morse code.