Punisher Max 21

Punisher MAX 21- 40 (2005/2007)  Comics

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Punisher MAX  21- 40 (2005/2007)

Punisher MAX 21- 40 (2005/2007)
CBR | english | 246 MB

Punisher Max - The Complete Collection v03 (2016)  Comics

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Punisher Max - The Complete Collection v03 (2016)

Punisher Max - The Complete Collection v03 (2016)
English | CBR | 441 pages | 633.54 MB

Collects Punisher (2004) #31-49.
The Punisher takes on all comers as his bloody war on crime continues! Frank Castle has faced some fearsome foes in his day, but none as stone-cold rotten to the bone as the Barracuda. He's big, he's mean, and the last thing on Earth you want is to see him smile. Then, as British Special Forces and Taliban insurgents face off in the Afghan highlands, Frank enters a grudge match with General Nikolai Alexandrovich Zakharov, a Soviet war criminal known as the Man of Stone. Zakharov has a platoon of elite shock troops, but the Punisher has allies of his own. But even that hell can't match the fury of five women scorned. Frank killed their husbands, and now they're out for payback.

Punisher Max - The Complete Collection v01 (2016)  Comics

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Punisher Max - The Complete Collection v01 (2016)

Punisher Max - The Complete Collection v01 (2016)
English | CBR | 385 pages | 682.24 MB

Collects Born #1-4, Punisher (2004) #1-12.
Experience the gritty and uncompromising PUNISHER MAX from the very beginning! When a mob hit killed his beloved wife and children, Frank Castle became the Punisher — an unstoppable one-man army waging war on every piece of criminal scum plaguing New York's streets. But do the Punisher's origins trace back even further? In 1971 Vietnam, Captain Castle's platoon faces a Viet Cong attack — and to survive, he must make a grim choice. Then, Punisher's old partner, Microchip, long thought to be a casualty of Castle's war, resurfaces with a startling offer! Will the Punisher play patsy for the CIA? If not, will they let him walk away? And in a story ripped from the headlines, Castle must take on rival Irish gangs when a bomb goes off in Hell's Kitchen!

Punisher MAX #1-11 (Ongoing, Update)  Comics

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Punisher MAX #1-11 (Ongoing, Update)

Punisher MAX #1-11 (Ongoing, Update)
CBR/CBZ in 2 RAR's | Marvel | Release Dates Nov 11 2009 - Mar 09 2011 | 131.72 MB Total

This is the ongoing reboot of the Punisher under Marvel's MAX imprint, with the first two story arcs complete. And since it is under MAX, it is grittier and more hard-edged than the usual. The first story arc, done straight by series writer Jason Aaron, ties Frank Castle's life history to that of Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. The second story line, however, is looser yet so over-the-top violent and action-oriented as to be caricaturish. Here's to hoping the creative team of Aaron and Dillon would arrive at their own unique formula that's best suited to the MAX imprint.

Punisher MAX: Tiny Ugly World #1 (One-Shot)  Comics

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Punisher MAX: Tiny Ugly World #1 (One-Shot)

Punisher MAX: Tiny Ugly World #1 (One-Shot)
CBR | Marvel Comics | Released Oct 20 2010 | 34 Pages | 13.61 MB

When Bobby Boorstein drags the bullet-riddled-but-still-breathing body of a mobster back to his apartment, he finds himself poised at the verge of greatness. Mommy always taught Bobby it's the little things in life that count -- like the tiny, ugly things he keeps stored in the mason jars on his shelf - but now he finally understands the true meaning of what she said. Bobby's got plenty of empty jars to fill and he's finally ready to do it. But first, he's going to need a little thing from Frank Castle - whether he likes it or not. . --

Punisher MAX: Hot Rods Of Death #1 (One Shot)  Comics

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Punisher MAX: Hot Rods Of Death #1 (One Shot)

Punisher MAX: Hot Rods Of Death #1 (One Shot)
CBZ | Marvel Comics | Sep 9 2010 | 48 Pages | 21.66 MB

'Mad Billy' Finn pulled young Frank Castle's butt of out the fire in the 'Nam. So when he runs into some trouble a few decades later, in the form of a particularly unsavory biker gang, Frank's all too happy to help out an old friend. Get ready, Maruaduer, 'cause the Punisher is about to take you on a Highway to Hell. Get ready for the Punisher's War Wagon! Explicit Content --

Punisher MAX - Happy Endings #1 (One-Shot)  Comics

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Punisher MAX - Happy Endings #1 (One-Shot)

Punisher MAX - Happy Endings #1 (One-Shot)
Eng | CBR | Marvel Comics | Aug 25 2010 | 34 Pages | 16.66 MB

Nothing like this has ever happened to Joe before. When a quarrel with his wife makes him seek comfort through the doors of the 'Happy Ending' massage parlor, the mild-mannered accountant enters a whole different world. An exotic world of life and death decisions, a world where a beautiful woman is fleeing from a vicious mob boss, and everyone is fleeing from Frank Castle. Explicit Content. Mature Readers only. --

Punisher MAX #3 (Ongoing)  Comics

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Punisher MAX #3 (Ongoing)

Punisher MAX #3 (Ongoing)
Eng | Rs & Hotfile | CBR | Marvel Comics | Jan 13 2010 | 25 Pages | 13.4 MB
+ Punisher MAX Issues #1-2

This is the reboot of the Punisher under Marvel's MAX imprint. And since it is under MAX, it is grittier, more explicit and more hard-edged than the usual, tying Frank Castle's life history to that of Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin. Part 3 of the initial story arc, "Kingpin." The Kingpin finally meets Frank Castle. The granularity and the parallel symmetry between the Punisher's path and Wilson Fisk's rise to power make for a compelling read. Great job by the creative team. High quality Minutemen scan. MATURE READERS only.

Punisher MAX Get Castle #1 (One-Shot)  Comics

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Punisher MAX Get Castle #1 (One-Shot)

Punisher MAX Get Castle #1 (One-Shot)
Eng | RS MU & Hotfile | CBR | Marvel Comics | Jan 6 2010 | 40 Pages | 16.8 MB

Of all the Punisher titles--one-shots and series--since Garth Ennis left this one-shot turn by writer Rob Williams and Laurence Campebell (the one who did the artwork during Garth Ennis' run) is the one closest in tone, manner and development to the great days with Ennis, I think. In addition to capturing the same haunting tone and diving into the same intriguing subject matter of Ennis' work, Williams uses a plot point from Ennis' run as a jumping off point. A welcome treat to those Punisher MAX fans that have been pining for a return to the glory days of the series. Perhaps the best comic you shall have read in a long time, I daresay.

The Punisher MAX #1-60 (Garth Ennis Run) Complete  Comics

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The Punisher MAX #1-60 (Garth Ennis Run) Complete

The Punisher MAX #1-60 (Garth Ennis Run) Complete
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR/CBZ | Marvel Comics | Mar 2004 - Oct 2008 | 689.2 MB Total

Once in a while, a writer comes along to a comic book title and then proceeds to make it his own, in the process redefining the principal character and its players, oftentimes elevating the title far beyond the boundaries of the medium. That's what Frank Miller did with and . To a lesser extent, that's what Garth Ennis did with the . It was during his stint with the title published by Marvel's MAX imprint that the definitive characteristics and persona of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, were realized and it was specifically during his sixty-issue Volume 6 run that the iconic features and mythos of the Punisher were firmly set. When Garth Ennis left after issue #60, and after a veritable carousel of creative teams, Marvel has yet to find that essence that distinguished Garth Ennis and artist Laurence Campbell. Here are all sixty issues, complete, for your enjoyment.