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KISS - Destroyer (1976) [Japanese Limited SHM-SACD 2010] PS3 + Hi-Res FLAC {RE-UP}

KISS - Destroyer (1976/2010) [Japanese Limited SHM-SACD # UIGY-9035]
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 33:54 minutes | Scans included | 1,05 GB
or FLAC(converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/88,2 kHz | Full Scans included | 724 MB

KISS - Gold (2005) [Japan LTD SHM-CD, 2008] 2CD  Music

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KISS - Gold (2005) [Japan LTD SHM-CD, 2008] 2CD

KISS - Gold (2005) [Japan LTD SHM-CD, 2008] 2CD
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 1.1 Gb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 417 Mb | Scans | 570 Mb | TTime: 02:31:33
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Metal | Universal Music Japan | UICY-90890/1

Gold is a 2005 greatest hits collection from hard rock band KISS. This two-disc set covers the band's recordings from 1974 to 1982. KISS Gold (2008 Japanese exclusive limited edition 40-track digitally remastered 2-disc SHM-CD album set.
Olivia Newton-John - Soul Kiss (1985) [2010 Japanese SHM-CD]

Olivia Newton-John - Soul Kiss (1985) [2010 Japanese SHM-CD]
EAC Rip | FLAC Image + Cue + Log => 353 MB | MP3 CBR @320 kbps => 115 MB | Full HQ scans => 590 MB
Label: Universal Music LLC. Japan | Catalog.#: UICY-94717 | Genre: Pop Rock

"Physical" and "Make a Move on Me" were brilliant singles from 1981's Physical album, and they achieved their status as timeless pop classics without the help of a Xanadu soundtrack. "Overnight Observation" from Soul Kiss doesn't come close to the magic of those radio gems. It, like the front and back cover photos, seems a bit contrived, as does much of this album. "You Were Great, How Was I?" is a duet with Carl Wilson, and features he and Christopher Cross providing authentic Beach Boys harmonies.

Kiss MyImage 1.0.5  

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Kiss MyImage 1.0.5

Kiss MyImage 1.0.5 | 1.1 MB
Languages: English, German, Italian

Kiss MyImage is designed for users who want a simple tool for a simple task! Kiss MyImage is a program that helps you resize your JPEG photos from your computer or digital camera fast and easy!
Kiss - Monster [Universal Music Japan SHM-CD UICY-15180] (2012)

Kiss - Monster [Universal Music Japan SHM-CD, UICY-15180] (2012)
EAC rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | 1CD | Complete Scans 600 dpi (.png) | 599 MB | RAR 3% Rec.
Hard Rock | Label: Universal Music Japan | Catalog Number: UICY-15180 | Country: Japan | Year: 2012 | FilePost

Monster is the 20th studio album by American rock band Kiss, and was released on October 9, 2012. The album was recorded at Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA and The Nook in Studio City, Los Angeles. Monster was produced by the band's co-founder and lead singer Paul Stanley and co-produced by Greg Collins, as was 2009's Sonic Boom. This Japanese edition exclusively features the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players). Comes with a description and lyrics.
Kiss - Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons/Ace Frehley/Peter Criss (1978/2008, 4xSHM-CD) RE-UPPED

Kiss - Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons/Ace Frehley/Peter Criss (1978, 4xSHM-CD)
Year & Label: 1978/2008 Universal Japan, | CD#: UICY-93529-32
Flac (image) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Artwork (JPG, 300 dpi) | File-hosts:
Rock/Hard Rock | FLAC: 1.2 GB | Artwork: 80 MB | MP3: 360 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

EAC Secure-rip with LOG+CUE+COVERS | Source: eMule
2008, Japanese SHM-CD, Remastered

KISS - MTV Unplugged (1996) [SHM-CD '2008] RESTORED  

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KISS - MTV Unplugged (1996) [SHM-CD '2008] RESTORED

KISS - MTV Unplugged (1996) [SHM-CD 2008]
FLAC+CUE+LOG or MP3 CBR 320 | Complete Scans | 464 or 137 MB
Japanese Release # UICY-91060 / Equivalenced by first pressing

On August 9, 1995, hard rock band Kiss performed on MTV Unplugged in what fans consider the beginning of the eventual Kiss Reunion Tour. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons contacted former members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley and invited them to participate in the event…
Kiss - Crazy Nights (1987) [2008, Japan SHM-CD, UICY-93528]

Kiss - Crazy Nights (1987) [2008, Japan SHM-CD, UICY-93528]
Rock/Hard Rock | EAC Rip | Flac (Image) + Cue + Log | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 11 Tracks
Universal Music | UICY-93528 | ~335 + 126 Mb | FileSonic, FileServe
Scans(300dpi, jpg) Included | Scans(300dpi, tiff) -> 52 Mb

This album has everything a KISS album should have:hard rock anthems, fast-fingured guitar solos, explosive lyrics, heart-felt power balads and the fun spirit of KISS. If I were to recommend a KISS album to anyone it would be this one simply because its just a really fun album that has something for metal fans as well as ballad loving folks…

Kiss - Paul Stanley (1978) [2008, Japan SHM-CD]  

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Kiss - Paul Stanley (1978) [2008, Japan SHM-CD]

Kiss - Paul Stanley (1978) [2008, Japan SHM-CD]
Rock/Hard Rock | EAC Rip | Flac (Image) + Cue + Log | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 9 Tracks
Artwork -> 106 Mb | Mercury/Universal | UICY-93529 | ~245 + 84 Mb | +

Of the four Kiss solo albums released in 1978, Paul Stanley's was the most Kiss-like. While Gene Simmons and Peter Criss decided to use the opportunity to explore other musical styles, Stanley–like guitarist Ace Frehley–chose to stick to what he did best. A few tracks are of a more epic nature, such as "Tonight You Belong to Me" and "Take Me Away (Together as One)," but for the most part, PAUL STANLEY is just good old straightforward rock & roll. "Move On," "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me," "It's Alright," "Love in Chains," and "Goodbye" are all hard rockers, while the more serene numbers, "Ain't Quite Right" and "Hold Me, Touch Me," fit in with the rest quite well.

Kiss - Animalize (1984) [2008, Japan SHM-CD]  

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Kiss - Animalize (1984) [2008, Japan SHM-CD]

Kiss - Animalize (1984) [2008, Japan SHM-CD]
Rock/Hard Rock | EAC Rip | Flac (Image) + Cue + Log | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 9 Tracks
Artwork -> 75 Mb | Mercury/Universal | UICY-93526 | ~260 + 94 Mb | FSonic

With personnel changes and neglect from a key member of the band, it's amazing ANIMALIZE turned out as well as it did. This record shows Kiss was able to rise above all the groups who copied a style of music that Kiss originated.
After LICK IT UP, "creative differences" pushed lead guitarist Vinnie Vincent out and speed demon Mark St. John in. Without missing a lick, St. John was able to fill Vincent's shoes admirably. Also around this time, Gene Simmons decides to try his hand at acting, starring in such films as "Runaway" and "Wanted Dead Or Alive". Thus, he is listed as Associate Producer but in reality had minimal input. Producer Paul Stanley did a fine job putting his own personal technical stamp on the album. Stanley sings on "I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)," a fast and furious track with motivational lyrics. He also fills in on bass for Simmons on both singles, "Heaven's On Fire" and "Thrills In The Night." Lyrically, Simmon's songs reflect where he was in the 80's with titles like "Burn Bitch Burn" and "Murder In High Heels".