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Cutting Edge Cards and Coins with Jason Dean and John Born DVD 1 (2008)

Cutting Edge Cards and Coins with Jason Dean and John Born DVD 1 (2008)
DVD5 | English | AVI | DivX | 640x432 | 29.97 fps | MPEG Audio 112 kbps | 1h 38m 03s | 4.08 GB
Genre: Tricks and Illusions
Cutting Edge Cards and Coins with Jason Dean and John Born (3 DVDs) - This is a must for the serious card and coin worker. Dean and Born are two of the hottest young magicians in the Midwest. Their magic is fresh and original, and just a bit EXTREME!

E. John Robinson - Workshop Series - Sunset in Oils (2006)  Video

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E. John Robinson - Workshop Series - Sunset in Oils (2006)

E. John Robinson - Workshop Series - Sunset in Oils (2006)
English | DVDRip | avi | 720 x 480 | 29.97 fps | DIVX 1199 kbps | MP3 128 Kbps | 547MB
Genre: Video Training

We are pleased to announce the release of a new series of E. John Robinson DVD seascape lessons. Although E. John formally retired from the workshop scene, requests for another workshop kept pouring in. In a rare stroke of luck for his students, he recently taught a four-day workshop in Mendocino, California. The workshops, produced by International Artist Magazine, were professionally videotaped for release to seascape artists and enthusiasts worldwide. The lessons provide insights into E. John's style and approach to creating a seascape painting from start to finish. Additionally, they include practical advice for artists of all levels, with a detailed focus on understanding ocean waves and how to stylistically and visually represent them.

The Grapes of Wrath / Les Raisins de la colère (1940) Repost  Video

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The Grapes of Wrath / Les Raisins de la colère (1940)  Repost

The Grapes of Wrath / Les Raisins de la colère (1940)
DVDrip | XviD-864 | mp3@128 | 512x368 | 2 Audio Tracks: French_1 English_2 | Sub: French (srt) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 2h04 | 1.0 Gb
Drama | USA 15 Mar 1940 | Director John FORD

Tom Joad returns to his home after a jail sentence to find his family kicked out of their farm due to forecloseure. He catches up with them on his Uncles farm, and joins them the next day as they head for California and a new life… Hopefully. (Based on the John Steinbeck novel)

3 Bad Men (1926)  Video

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3 Bad Men (1926)

3 Bad Men (1926)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 1h 32mn | 2,03 Gb
Score AC3 2.0 @ 448 Kbps with English intertitles + Commentary track
Genre: Romance, Western | Director: John Ford

In 1876, an old man finds gold in the Sioux lands, provoking a gold and land rush from immigrants to Dakota. On the way to Custer, the lonely cowboy Dan O'Malley helps to fix the wheel of Mr. Carlton's wagon and flirts with his daughter Lee Carlton. Later, Lee and her father are attacked by horse thieves and Mr. Carlton is murdered; however, the outlaws "Bull" Stanley, Mike Costigan and "Spade" Allen save her from the criminals and head with her to the camp where the pioneers are waiting for President Grant proclamation to explore the lands. In the site, the corrupt Sheriff Layne Hunter rules with his henchmen with horror and injustice….

The Searchers (1956) [with Extras]  Video

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The Searchers (1956) [with Extras]

The Searchers (1956) [with Extras]
BDRip | MKV | 1hr 59mn | 1920x1080 | x264 -> 4500kbps | E-AC3 1.0 256kbps | 4.01 GB + 415MB
Western-Adventure-Drama | Language: English | Subtitles: ENG | Nitroflare/Karelia

If John Ford is the greatest Western director, The Searchers is arguably his greatest film, at once a grand outdoor spectacle like such Ford classics as She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) and Rio Grande (1950) and a film about one man's troubling moral codes, a big-screen adventure of the 1950s that anticipated the complex themes and characters that would dominate the 1970s. John Wayne gives perhaps his finest performance in a role that predated screen antiheroes of the 1970s; by the film's conclusion, his single-minded obsession seems less like heroism and more like madness. The Searchers paved the way for such revisionist Westerns as The Wild Bunch (1969) and McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), and its influence on movies from Taxi Driver (1976) to Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and Star Wars (1977) testifies to its lasting importance.

Rio Grande (1950)  Video

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Rio Grande (1950)

Rio Grande (1950)
BDRip | MKV | 1hr 45mn | 1460x1080 (1080p) | x264 -> 3500kbps | E-AC3 1.0 320kbps | 2.81 GB
Western | Language: English | Subtitles: ENG/SPA | Nitroflare/Karelia

The last entry in the John Ford - John Wayne "Cavalry Trilogy", Rio Grande is regarded by many observers as the best of the three. Wayne stars as Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke, whose devotion to duty has cost him his marriage to his beloved Kathleen (Maureen O'Hara). When Yorke's son Jeff is assigned to his father's post, Yorke is determined not to afford any preferential treatment to the boy-nor to exhibit any sign of love and affection. Yorke's resolve to remain oblivious to personal feelings is further tested when his estranged wife Kathleen arrives at the post, the better to look after her son-and possibly to buy back the boy's enlistment. Before the long-anticipated reconcilation scene between Yorke, his wife and his son, there are several peripheral plot complications, many of these involving a murder charge hanging over trooper Tyree's head.
Mystery Cars Season 1 - 1953 GM Futurliner Bus, 1963 Ford Thunderbird Italien (2011)

Mystery Cars Season 1 - 1953 GM Futurliner Bus, 1963 Ford Thunderbird Italien (2011)
HDTV | 1280 x 720 | .MKV/AVC @ 3799 Kbps | 23mn 57s | English AC-3 192 Kbps, 2 channels | 698 MB
Genre: Documentary

The 33 foot 1953 GM Futurliner Bus was a brilliant marketing tool: it was disguised as educating the consumer about exciting new products like microwaves and automatic transmissions. Ford’s Thunderbird line had been in production for 8 years; already popularising the ‘Personal Luxury Car’ market, but this 1963 T-Bird made a splash by putting a new twist on an old flame, capitalizing on America’s love affair with all things Italian.

The Iron Horse (1924)  Video

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The Iron Horse (1924)

The Iron Horse (1924)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 2h 29mn | 3,51 Gb
Score AC3 5.1/2.0 @ 448/192 Kbps with English intertitles
Genre: Romance, Western | Director: John Ford

As crews labor to finish the first transcontinental railroad, Pony Express rider Davy Brandon (George O'Brien) returns to his hometown. There a childhood friend, Miriam (Madge Bellamy) – fiancée of the chief engineer (Cyril Chadwick) and daughter of the principal contractor – convinces him to aid in the project's completion. Although his father, a murdered railroad surveyor, passed on the knowledge needed for the job, a slew of saboteurs attempt to thwart Brandon in his efforts.

PBS American Experience - Henry Ford (2013) [Repost]  Video

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PBS American Experience - Henry Ford (2013) [Repost]

PBS American Experience - Henry Ford (2013)
HDTV | 960 x 540 | .MP4/AVC @ 1745 Kbps | 1h 54mn | English AAC 129 Kbps, 2 channels | 1.50 GB
Genre: Documentary

HENRY FORD paints a fascinating portrait of a farm boy who rose from obscurity to become the most influential American innovator of the 20th century. Ford's Model T automobile and his five-dollar-a-day wage ushered in the modern world, earning Ford reverence from millions of Americans.

Flesh (1932)  Video

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Flesh (1932)

Flesh (1932)
A Film by John Ford
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 VBR | 01:36:00 | 4,11 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: None
Genre: Drama, Romance

In the wrestling ring, Polakai is a colossus of muscle, sinew and sweat. At home with the tough-cookie ex-con he’s married and saved from the streets, he is a gentle giant. But his kindness is not enough to stop his wife from pursuing an illicit affair that topples Polakai into professional and personal ruin. Legendary director John Ford brings his clean, visually poetic style to Flesh, guiding Wallace Beery (in the year of his Best Actor Oscar win for The Champ) and Karen Morley (Scarface) to some of the finest work of their careers. As touching as it is uncompromising, Flesh takes its characters to the dark regions of their souls…and ends with a quiet, unforgettable scene that offers a hope for redemption.