Kuchizuke - Takami Yoshimoto (27.10.2002)  Girls

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Kuchizuke - Takami Yoshimoto (27.10.2002)

Kuchizuke - Takami Yoshimoto (27.10.2002)
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Takami Yoshimoto (Born in October 13, 1971, Saitama, Japan; 162 cm, 85-59-85) is a Japanese Model and Actress.

Kisses (1957)  

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Kisses (1957)

Kisses/Kuchizuke (1957)
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Genre: Drama, Romance | Japan

Kinichi and Akiko meet when they visit their fathers in prison. After successfully gambling on a bicycle race, they spend an enjoyable day together at the beach. Akiko, who tries to make money as an artist's model to pay for her mother's medical expenses, now has to find 100,000 yen to pay off the company from which her father embezzled. Kinichi also requires 100,000 yen as bail for his father, who is accused of election fraud. Kinichi tries to borrow 100,000 yen from his mother, whom he has not seen for three years.